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MOLODECHNOMEBEL brings SUCCESS to YOUR furniture shop or internet store

Are you seriously thinking about starting own furniture business, but don’t know where to begin? Or, perhaps, you have already furniture company or internet store, but your business needs «new breath»? Cooperation with the successful furniture company will help you rise to new level. Such furniture manufacturer does exist: JSC MOLODECHNOMEBEL’s furniture will decorate your shop, attracting more and more buyers, will bring you popularity, profit and success.

Why does your furniture store need to cooperate with our brand? Everything is very simple. Despite a difficult economic situation in the world, the furniture always remains in demand. It doesn’t just please soul and body, but as is a long-term purchase. It is enough to come into any antique shop or furniture Internet shop to understand that over time the good furniture only becomes better. The furniture company «MOLODECHNOMEBEL» makes such furniture.

«MOLODECHNOMEBEL» has an OFFER that your furniture store can not REFUSE

JSC MOLODECHNOMEBEL invites to cooperation on mutually advantageous conditions the wholesale and retail organizations, dealers of furniture stores and furniture Internet shops.

Cooperation with the brand «MOLODECHNOMEBEL» in Minsk and other cities of Belarus, Russia, US, Europe, Netherlands, Belgium – is conclusive choice in favor of success and prosperity of your furniture store. We will supply you with a number of advantages to begin steady and long partnership.

Work with the furniture company «MOLODECHNOMEBEL» means RELIABILITY in wholesale furniture purchases and deliveries. Nearly 60 years our furniture factory stablely and successfully makes furniture of premium class, what diplomas and certificates of various international exhibitions testify to.

Our produc sale in your furniture shop means EASE. The brand «MOLODECHNOMEBEL» is considered elite producer of luxury furniture and won hearts of many admirers and regular customers. Today our furniture can «sell» itself. Its success and popularity won’t simply force your buyers to return behind new purchases to your furniture shop, but also and to bring with itself new clients — friends and relatives.

By getting a dealer  status of the furniture company «MOLODECHNOMEBEL» your furniture store becomes our PARTNER. Your shop of furniture as our partner, can count on receiving demonstration product samples – the best guarantor of quality of furniture and materials.

Sufficient stock in a warehouse, the wide assortment, model range updates, an individual approach to each partner, flexible system of discounts for constant dealers, fast, accurate and timely service – all this and many other things are the integral cooperation attributes of furniture stores with JSC MOLODECHNOMEBEL.


JSC MOLODECHNOMEBEL is a wide retail network of furniture on the entire territory of Belarus. You will find furniture by «MOLODECHNOMEBEL» in Minsk, Grodno, Vitebsk, Baranovichi, Borisov, Molodechno and other cities of Republic of Belarus. Furniture stores and furniture Internet shops in Russia, US, Europe, Netherlands, Belgium, CIS countries and other countries enjoy great wholesale conditions provided by the furniture company.

For additional information on luxury furniture call: +375 176 73-01-75 or contact us by e-mail: Sadovsky_VM@molodechnomebel.by.

Cooperation with JSC MOLODECHNOMEBEL — passing thorns to stars!